RenBio had the pleasure of attending the Keystone Symposia on “Next Generation Antibody Therapeutics: From Discovery to Patient” last month. Our Director of Research, Marek Drozdz, Ph.D., presented a poster showcasing the potential of RenBio’s MYO Technology™ to deliver antibodies and therapeutic proteins in a way that is durable and efficacious. The attendees met this presentation with great interest and enthusiasm, making the event a tremendous success.

Recalling the event, Drozdz noted: “Discussing the cutting-edge science behind MYO Technology™ with fellow researchers is always exciting. This meeting did not disappoint.”

RenBio was delighted to meet and network with numerous talented researchers and scientists from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. The symposia provided an excellent platform for sharing ideas and learning about the latest advances in antibody therapeutics.

Everyone at RenBio look forward to attending future events! The mountainous views in the area were absolutely beautiful during the conference, adding to the already delightful experience of the event.