The flexibility
to go further

the representation of a cell

MYO Technology is superior

Traditional protein therapeutic treatments require large doses of short acting medicine. In addition to this, the costs of production and cold chain logistics are very high. Naturally, this reality makes it difficult for the population to access the necessary medication.

Make Your Own (MYO) Technology™ assumes a treatment that effectively eliminate these hurdles. At RenBio, the logistics of cold chain management and long, costly, manufacturing processes will not affect you.

Our treatment regimens are long-lasting, less-frequent and more streamlined.

the representation of an antibody
the representation of an antibody
the representation of an antibody
the representation of an antibody

RenBio's MYO Technology™ is a platform

Make Your Own (MYO) Technology™ is a true platform technology with the flexibility to go beyond traditional treatment paradigms. This is the future in front of your eyes.

Our delivery platform can support virtually any encoded protein product, by varying the DNA blueprints. It also gives the right genetic instructions, encoded in DNA.

Clinical Applications

Blood disorders icon
Blood disorders

Long-lasting delivery of therapeutic proteins can improve treatment of chronic blood disorders.

Inflammatory diseases icon
Inflammatory diseases

Monoclonal antibodies are a critical class of drugs for treatment of diseases with this origin.

Viral infections
Viral infections

Anyone can prevent viral infections by the prophylactic use of antiviral antibodies. Their delivery with Make Your Own (MYO) Technology™ would provide lasting protection.