Changing the Therapeutic and the Treatment Landscape

Improved Treatment through Improved Technology

RenBio’s MYO Technology™ works with any gene-encoded protein product and can change protein-based therapeutics significantly.

Currently, doctors use protein-based medications, such as antibodies, to treat various diseases, and they are conducting clinical trials on more. The increased usage of antibodies and other therapeutic proteins has greatly improved the standard of care for patients.

RenBio’s MYO Technology™ builds upon these advancements and transforms the treatment landscape.

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Antibodies and other protein therapeutics have transformed disease treatment

Therapeutic proteins are an increasingly important class of biologics and mark the technology innovation we see everyday. These proteins’ use is directly related to the treatment of rare diseases and auto-immune diseases. Other several diseases include cancer, arthritis, blood conditions or viral infections.

Medical substances such as antibodies, growth factors and cytokines can be produced and administered to patients. These substances are strong in treating and preventing diseases when muscle cells decode the therapeutic-encoding “bioblueprints”.

In this stage of activity, after the modified injection, the patient’s body starts to produce disease-fighting therapeutics. Proteins can help fight infections, control abnormal tissue growth, improve immune function, or increase the production of cellular products.

In vivo animal studies show that MYO Technology™ achieves sustained therapeutic payload production for extended periods. In some cases, lasted a year or longer, compared to conventional antibody and protein therapies, avoiding the need for frequent dosing.

New medicines are here now, not in the future. We, at RenBio, are constantly improving and changing the field of antibodies and therapeutic proteins.

But the method of delivery to patients is in need of improved technology

Laboratory-grown cells must synthesize antibodies and other healing proteins. These cells require large, specialized buildings.

The body’s protein levels decrease over time. Therefore, they need frequent replenishment to ensure effective functioning throughout the treatment. This translates into high costs for most of these types of medicines.

RenBio is transforming antibody and protein therapeutics delivery

Based on a patent protected electroporation technique, the MYO Technology™ platform enables the delivery of exclusive DNA plasmids. Those encode antibody and protein therapeutics via direct intramuscular injection for sustained production in the body.

Our MYO Technology™ empowers patients to create their own medicines, transforming the production of antibody and protein therapeutics. This technology transforms muscle cells into in vivo bioreactors, generating the therapeutic within the patient’s body. This approach offers longer-lasting treatments, eliminates cold-chain storage requirements, and reduces manufacturing time.

In doing so, we are creating radically new therapies that last longer than those delivered using standard methods.

Our bodies can produce proteins. Therefore, why not provide patients with the DNA instructions for protein medicine instead of manufacturing it in a laboratory? Why not giving patients the control they need in order for them to be healthier?

RenBio's MYO Technology™ administration is easy

We put DNA with protein instructions into muscle, and then electricity helps the DNA to enter the muscle cells.

RenBio's MYO Technology™ administration is easy

We put DNA with protein instructions into muscle, and then electricity helps the DNA to enter the muscle cells.

RenBio's MYO Technology™ is simple

Once inside the cell, the cell’s own protein production machinery takes over; muscle cells begin synthesizing the protein molecules. Proteins quickly release into the blood and travel to different body parts to fight diseases.

RenBio's MYO Technology™ requires fewer treatments

For several months, the protein-encoding DNA is in the muscle cells. This allows therapeutic proteins to constantly produce throughout this period, resulting in fewer treatments than with traditional delivery methods.

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