Text: Our President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Rachel Liberatore, will be attending the BIO International Convention in Boston on 5-8 June. At BIO, Rachel is eager to connect with potential partners interested in utilizing the MYO Technology™ platform for developing innovative DNA delivery methods for therapeutic antibodies and proteins.

Rachel will also be delighted to meet development and commercialisation partners for RenBio’s MYO Technology™ internal pipeline candidates. Between them, we highlight the late-stage program for the treatment of severe chronic neutropenia (SCN). Also, the slightly earlier program focused on the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

About MYO Technology™

Based on a patent protected electroporation technique, the MYO Technology™ platform enables the delivery of proprietary DNA plasmids. Those encode antibody and protein therapeutics via direct intramuscular injection for sustained production in the body.

RenBio’s internal, preclinical development programs illustrate the broad utility of MYO Technology™ in enabling the long-term production of antibodies (antiviral antibodies, anti-IL-23 antibodies) and therapeutic proteins (G-CSF).

In vivo animal studies demonstrate that DNA therapeutics delivered using MYO Technology™ result in durable production of their payload within the relevant therapeutic window over significantly longer timeframes. In some cases, lasted a year or longer, compared to conventional antibody and protein therapies, avoiding the need for frequent dosing.

MYO Technology™ has broad applicability in the delivery of DNA therapies across a range of therapeutic areas. Some of these areas include viral diseases, inflammatory diseases and blood and metabolic disorders.

Furthermore, MYO Technology™ has compelling advantages compared to other novel delivery platforms when applied to the management of systemic, chronic disease.

For further information, please email us at info@renbio.com

See you in Boston at BIO 2023