With increasing frequency, humans are facing outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) with the potential to cause significant morbidity and mortality. In the most extreme instances, such outbreaks can become pandemics, as we are now witnessing with COVID-19.

Our scientists Chasity D. Andrews and Rachel A. Liberatore, PhD and our co-founders YaoXing Huang, PhD and David D. Ho, MD reviewed the state of DNA-based antiviral antibody delivery, particularly for the prevention of infectious disease.

We present to you the primary concepts of this article, which have been deconstructed, elucidated, and analyzed:

Unmet need of emerging infectious disease;

Antibodies as drugs for fighting infectious disease;

Accelerating the response with nucleic acid-based delivery;

In vivo expressed biologics: the body as a bioreactor;

Remaining questions for DNA-based antiviral mAb delivery

Learn more about thins subject here: In Vivo expressed biologics for infectious disease prophylaxis: rapid delivery of DNA-based antiviral antibodies.